Why Brow Contour?

At Brow Contour, we believe the strength of your eyebrows directly relates to the overall confidence you feel. Shapely brows that suit your face not only frame your eyes  attractively, but also highlight your best features. We understand eyebrows and apply our eyebrow shaping skills to create well-defined brows that suit different face shapes and features.

We are proficient, certified and experienced in the craft and science of microblading.  Qualified artists perform the procedure meticulously, ensuring that you feel happy with the results exactly how you evisioned them before you walk out of our shop.

We use advanced technological apparatus to assure the highest quality of safety, reliablility and quality.  Our
machine offers precision needle guidance and comes with sterilized, disposable cartridges.  We work out of a hygienic, clean and calming premise where your safety and comfort is our highest priority.

We understand your requirements and discuss your options to choose the best customized shape for you.  
Schedule your consultation today and move one step closer to amazing eyebrows.

The Benefits

  • The pratical reason for undergoing microblading is that you can do away with your morning ritual of beautifying your eyebrows.  If you have a busy lifestyle, work in a professional that requires you to look aesthetically pleasing, or dont feel confident with eye make-up tools, microblading is the perfect solution for you.

  • No need to worry about smears and smudges.  Unlike eyebrow extensions, microblading is a low-maintenance cosmetic strategy where no special precautions are required of you.

  • Downtime is zero, which means you can flaunt your perfect brows soon after the procedure and debut them on social media immediately!

  • A less invasive form of semi-permannent makeup.